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Seuss Inspired Phone Case

(30 customer reviews)

USD $18.00

A super funky, colorful, and unique design, designed by @_by_lex_ on Instagram!

Our standard phone cases are sublimated with a vibrant design on the back and TPU rubber borders and grips. The buttons are enclosed and there is a small raised lip on the front of the case to protect the screen. Available phone types include a variety of Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel models.


Matching Accessories

You can add matching accessories for your phone case at a discounted price if they are ordered at the same time!

  • Add a Rose Grip in the same design as your case. If you have different design requests, you can note them at checkout.

  • Rose Grip Border Color *

  • These self-adhesive silicone mounts attach to your Rose Grip and allow you to be hands free

  • Sticky Mount Color *

  • These adjustable air-vent mounts attach to your Rose Grip and allow you to be hands free

  • Add a Rose Pocket in the same design as your case. If you have different design requests, you can note them at checkout.

  • Pocket Material *

    Two pocket versions are available: black silicone pocket with removable microfiber panel / screen cleaner or vegan leather fully-printed pocket (does not fit on small-size phones). Click here for more details on the different pocket styles.

  • Add an AirPod case in the same design as your case. If you have different design requests, you can note them at checkout.

  • AirPod Style/Color *

    Click here for more details on the different AirPod case styles.

  • AirPod Size *

    Note that 3rd Generation size is currently only available in black rigid plastic

  • Swivel clasp hook with leather tassel and rose charm

  • Tassel color *

  • Add a matching Phone Charm to your case. We will pick one that coordinates with the design.

  • If checked, we will attach the charm to the phone case for you.


You can add a name, monogram or other text to any of our phone case designs for an additional charge. You can also request color changes to existing designs. Visit our blog for examples and tips!

  • Personalization details *

    Please tell us what you would like printed on your case and any font, color or placement request. If we have questions about your request we will follow up by email from support@shopabbyrose.com.

Product total

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Grand total

These cases are not compatible with wireless charging.

Please take care not to bend the case excessively when taking it off of your phone, and refrain from putting things inside the case, such as credit cards. Doing so can cause the metal plate to flex and pull up from the corners of the rubber border.

All designs can be made for all phone types we carry as well as printed on matching accessories, such as phone grips, card sleeves, AirPod cases, hand sanitizer holders and lip balm holders.

For more details and commonly asked questions please visit our FAQ page!

Phone case border


Phone type

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Design color

Blues, Rainbow, Pink Orange Yellow, Red Orange Blue, Pastels, Blue Green, Peach, Bright Rainbow, Greys, Oranges, Pinks, Teal Peach, Purple Teal, Purples, Teals, Peach Grey, Sage

30 reviews for Seuss Inspired Phone Case

  1. Nora Boggess

    I ADORE my Seuss Inspired case. I originally bought the blue butterflies and the rainbow Seuss Inspired case for Christmas. I was so tempted to keep it so I caved and I kept it. I love it so much! It’s such protective considering how much I drop my phone plus its absolutely adorable!

  2. Janelle (verified owner)

    I ordered the rainbow sues inspired case and i love it! It didn’t take long to ship and the packaging was really cute!

  3. Chloe Allison

    I ordered this case and I love it ? I would definitely recommend buying this one ?

  4. paulina

    i love love love my rainbow seuss inspired case. its very protective and super cute! i will definitely keep on buying cases from this company! ?

  5. rennie lee (verified owner)

    oh my god this case is so cute. the design looks exactly like the picture and the sides are rugged to protect your phone. i love this case, will be ordering from you guys again soon!

  6. baylee (verified owner)

    best.case.ever! its so cute and protects my phone very well.

  7. megyn

    not gonna lie, this is a really cute case! I only have two problems, the case is thinner than I like. And the colors arn’t as vibrant as the pictures. Otherwise i love it!!

    • abbyrose

      Hi Megyn!
      Thank you for the feedback — we do offer refunds or exchanges if you are not fully satisfied! Email us at abbyrosecases@gmail.com if you’d like to do that!

  8. Savannah B (verified owner)

    I bought the blue Seuss Inspired case and I’m in love!! I have the white outline case, and it’s starting to get really dirty. Any tips on how to clean it?

    • abbyrose

      You are right, the white border cases do show dirt over time much more than the black borders 🙁 The material on all of them is TPU rubber and there are some cleaning suggestions like baking soda on this website:


      Also, just a heads up that we are also going to be introducing a new clear border soon — these have a similar aesthetic to the white borders but doesn’t show dirt as much 🙂

      I hope that helps!

  9. sadie t (verified owner)

    i love the case but i got a white border and it gets dirty really easily and is hard to clean

  10. Meryn (verified owner)

    I am absolutely obsessed with this case !! It’s soso adorable and it’s so cute how much a case can capture your personality and nature. And the colour and style is completely aesthetic.. love it 🙂 Defs gonna make sure not to drop it !

  11. joseyteresa4015 (verified owner)

    I got the pastels case with the black border and im in love with it. I will not be taking this case off soon. its soooo cute and the colors look just like in the picture. I will definitely recommend these cases to other people. 5 out of 5 stars will buy again keep up the good work Abby <3??

  12. Nataly

    I bought the case about two weeks ago and I just got it in the mail and I really love it ? and it’s so cute ????

  13. anon

    I haven’t ordered it yet but I am sooo excited to get the case I was just looking at the designs and I think it would be really cute if the pink one(peaches) had black lines between the color stripes sort of like the pastels. NOT judging at all, all of these designs are suuuper cute. just giving some ideas :)))

    • abbyrose

      Thanks for the ideas! You can actually request color changes like you describe at no charge — just put your request in the comment box at checkout 🙂

  14. emilia (verified owner)

    hii, I just ordered my case!! do you have an estimate to when it could arrive?? I live in Mexico btw

    • abbyrose

      Hi! We have a bit of a backlog right now but you can check our website (right column –>) and see which day’s orders are currently being shipped! Shipping to Mexico is taking a couple of weeks currently but it depends on the USPS!

  15. Sara Petersen

    I LOVE this case so much!!! I can finally feel stylish while I’m playing on my phone. I even showed it to my friends and they are thinking about getting one! This is a super sturdy case. I love the sides of the case and of course the design!!

  16. Sara

    I absolutely love this case!! I got the Peach Suess inspired and it matches my personality soooo much! I love the way the side of the case feels. I cannot wait to get another one!

  17. Sammy Hollingshead

    So I didn’t get Seuss inspired case I got a Peace Out one and there was no option to give it a review. And I wanted to review it so I’m doing it on here. The case is so cute and just my style! I will definitely be buying a ton more cases from you!

  18. Mishel Ambartsumova (verified owner)

    Amazing case! I had a couple of questions and when I reached out I got my question answered within an hour! Very vibrant colors and amazing quality! It’s better than I even expected! Thank you!

  19. Daisy (verified owner)

    Bought multiple abbyrose cases and this one is definitely my favourite! I got the pastels one and it matches the purple iphone very well 🙂 highly recommend, such good quality and colours are nicer in person

  20. Julia

    I have had this case since May, a little over half a year. Absolutely love it and it really has done me well. The only issue I’ve had was only a few months in, the part of the case around the camera started to peel… it really isn’t that bad or isn’t noticeable but that’s the only issue I’ve ever had with this case.

  21. Amanda Lopez (verified owner)

    I love all my Abbyrosecases, however, I just got a new phone so I need to reorder cases. I always get the black borders because it fits me better. Love love love. I have ordered 7 cases, and 1 for my new phone.

  22. l8lly on Instagram (verified owner)

    The case is absolutely gorgeous! The only thing I would recommend for even better feedback is that the volume button and on/off button for the 12 pro max case is to have it a bit more bulky as it’s a bit difficult to click on it. Otherwise, it’s super protective and feels amazing.

  23. Emilee (verified owner)

    Let me tell you this phone case is amazing. It did take a little while to ship but that wasn’t there fault. It is super durable and I am probably going to order another one soon.

  24. lily (verified owner)

    so adorable! this case is the cutest! i definitely recommend to anyone!

  25. Amanda (verified owner)

    So cute! I got the matching pocket and it works great to hold a card. Great service too it came so quick. 10/10 would buy again

  26. Avery Gallagher (verified owner)

    I love this case! It has kept my phone safe for almost a year. The design is so cute and I get compliments on it all the time!

  27. Madison

    I was so impressed by the quality of this!! I will definitely buy more from here!!

  28. Rachel (verified owner)

    I just got into a car accident recently and my phone FLEW I had this case on and there is not one crack or anything my phone and case came out with not a touch. Love this case!

    • abbyrose

      I hope you are ok, Rachel! So glad your phone was safe! 🙂

  29. Nora (verified owner)

    I just got this case in the mail!! I got the gray colors with a black outline and I added a black pop socket on top. It’s absolutely perfect. I have never gotten a custom case before so I hope the image doesn’t fall off or anything. But I love it!

  30. aleena villarrubia (verified owner)

    this is my 3rd case from abbyrose and i absolutely adore them. i love these cases so much i just know im gonna be getting all my phone cases from here. highly recommend. ive also dropped my phone face down on concrete and its completely fine

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