PetPalooza Design Contest

This is your chance to be our designer! We are having a design contest to create the newest addition to our abbyrose Awareness line. The theme is Pets and 100% of the profits for these cases will be donated to Petco Love starting September 30. The winner will be decided by YOU!

Important Dates:

Prize Description:

  • Winning designs will be featured on the abbyrose website with artist credit and 100% of profits benefiting the designated charity
  • Overall winner will receive a prize pack including an abbyrose phone case and accessories featuring the winning design
  • Finalists will receive an abbyrose accessory featuring their design

Design Specifications:

  • Approximate dimensions 900 pixels x 1800 pixels (or 3″ x 6″)
    • Different phone types have different case dimensions, so edges might be cropped off of the design for some sizes
    • Different phone types also have different positions for the camera opening(s) so important design elements shouldn’t be positioned in common camera areas
  • Acceptable file types include JPG, GIF, PNG and PDF (make sure your file is named with one of those extensions)
  • The design must be original work
  • The design may not use copyrighted, trademarked, or branded material such as logos
  • Any fonts in the design must be hand drawn
  • The design may not include images obtained from the Internet

Submission Rules:

  • Submissions must be uploaded via the official website form within the specified time frame
  • Terms and conditions must be agreed to by a parent or guardian if the artist is under 18 years of age
  • Up to 3 designs may be submitted by a single artist
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