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We receive a lot of questions via email and DM so we wanted to answer the most common ones here. Thank you for your support of our small business!

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Q: How long does it take to get my order?

A. We don’t keep pre-made inventory on hand, so each phone case is made to your specifications after you place an order. Our goal is to complete production in 4-5 business days but this can vary based on order volume, stock and other factors. Because we know our customers are anxious to know when their orders are going to be completed, we update our website every day with the order dates currently in production — see the right column under the heading “Current Shipping Status.” If you created an account on our website you can check your order status at any time, and it will be listed as “Processing” while the case is in production.

Once the order is completed we will label it for shipping, you will receive an automated email with tracking information, and your order status will change to “Completed”. The tracking link will be updated by the US Postal Service after about 24 hours with an estimated delivery date (don’t worry if it initially says the label is not in the system – this is normal!). Shipping within the US generally takes 3-5 business days depending on your distance from Texas. International shipping times vary and are experiencing much longer delays currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For customers with time-sensitive orders, we do offer an expedited handling option. More details can be found on our shipping policy page.

Q: Are your cases protective?

A. Our standard cases are durable and protect against the majority of drops and bumps. The sides are TPU rubber and the back is either metal, plastic, wood or glass, depending on the specific model. The front has a small raised lip (about 1-2 mm in height) so that when you place your phone facing down flat on a surface, the screen is not in contact with the surface. This design prevents the majority of drop damage — see our Drop Test video on the blog for some examples — however we do not guarantee that the case will prevent 100% of damage to your phone.

In 2021 we launched a new line of Safe Cases which are the same cute designs, but with two-layer protection for more shock absorption. Check out our blog post for more details!

If you want more screen protection, our cases provide enough space for you to add a tempered glass screen protector and still fit your cute case!

Q. What is the difference between standard, safe and clear cases?

We are proud to offer thousands of options to satisfy everyone’s cute & trendy, not so spendy phone case needs! How to decide which is right for you? Chcck out our blog with a side by side comparison of our three phone case types!

Q. What does the case look like for my phone?

A. A lot of people ask to see what our cases look like for their particular phone type with respect to details like the camera opening. We have a blog post that shows pictures of most of our phone types so please check it out! We are regularly adding phone types, so some of the newer models might not yet be shown.

Q. Do you have a particular design in stock for my phone type?

All of our cases are made to order specifically for you! That means we don’t have pre-made inventory of particular designs and phone types, and we don’t run out of stock. If we carry your phone type, ANY design can be made for it!

Our website is organized by design, not by phone type. For more details about which phone types we carry and how to select the size you need, check out our blog on the 100+ phone sizes we keep in stock!

Q. How are your designs put on the case?

A. Many people ask if our designs are applied as sticker or if there is a fabric insert. That is not how our cases are made. All designs are printed to the solid back of the case using dye sublimation. This is a special printing technique that vaporizes the ink and embeds the design into the top layer of the back of the case. You can watch this process in action in our Making Cases video on the blog. The result is a durable and vibrant image that you will love to show off!

Q. How do I clean my case?

A. The design portion of the case is sublimated on either metal, plastic, wood or glass, depending on the specific model and doesn’t show dirt easily. The back can be wiped off with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

The sides/grips of our standard cases are made from TPU rubber. White borders do tend to get dirty over time and may discolor or pick up dyes from your clothing. There are some cleaning tips on this website including suggestions such as alcohol and baking soda. Other factors that may contribute to discoloration are extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals (such as chlorine at the pool!) or other products that you use regularly on your hands.

Black borders do not show dirt and may be a better choice if you are concerned about long term wear. Another alternative: the white border Safe Cases are better at resisting dirt because the outer shell is plastic rather than TPU rubber.

Q. Can you change the color on a design?

A. Yes! We are happy to change the background color of any design. To request this, just check the box labeled “Personalization” when you add the design to your cart. In the space provided, let us know your color change request.

Q. Can you make custom cases?

A. Yes! We offer three types of customization for our phone cases:

  • You can ask to change the color on any of our designs by checking the Personalization box when adding the design to your cart. Sometimes we like your color requests so much that we add that color to our website offerings!
  • You can add a monogram or other text to any of our designs. To do this, check the Personalization box when adding the design to your cart. Our blog has more details on how to do this as well as a sample gallery!
  • You can send us a photo or other artwork to print on the case. To do this, select the Custom Case option on our website and check out. You can upload the image at that time or you can email it to support@shopabbyrose.com. The file formats that work best are .pdf, .jpg or .png; also make sure the quality of the picture is high enough for us to get a clear print. We will let you know if there are any problems. Check out our blog for details on how to use a photo collage on your case!
  • What we cannot do is create a whole new design from scratch. If you have something specific in mind, please send us the completed art work!

Q. How can I choose the design for my Rose Grip / Rose Pocket / Airpod Case / Lip Balm Holder?

A. When you add any of these items to your cart along with a phone case, we will automatically match the design to the design you chose for the phone case. If you want something different, or if you have multiple phone cases in your order, just write a note in the comment box at checkout telling us what design you’d prefer. If we have any questions we will send you an email to confirm.

We also sell matching accessories separately, and you can select the design from a pull down menu to match any of our case designs!

Q. Will I get a confirmation email? How can I track my order?

A. You should get an order confirmation when your order is placed and then another email when it ships which includes the tracking number. Sometimes these emails get filed into spam, so if you don’t see them you should check there. Another common problem is that the email address is entered wrong or the mailbox is full, preventing delivery. If you don’t receive a confirmation email and are concerned about whether or not we received your order, just send an email to support@shopabbyrose.com and we can look it up for you 🙂

In addition, if you create an account on the website when you check out, you can see you order history and check the status at any time! Sometimes if you create your account after you already placed an order, or if you weren’t logged into your account when you placed an order, the order isn’t liked to your account history. If this is the case, just send an email to support@shopabbyrose.com and we can add the order to your user ID.

Q. Do you ever have sales or discounts?

A. Yes! We often announce sales and giveaways on our Instagram account @abbyrosecases, so follow us there if you don’t want to miss out! We also have a number of specials available on the website which you can find listed on our Coupons/Specials page!

Q. Do you make cases for my phone type?

A. We currently have cases for all iPhone models and number of Google Pixel, Samsung and other Android phones, and we always adding more! Check out the latest list of supported phone types on our blog.

If you have a specific request that you don’t see listed, please respond to this poll so that we can determine which phone types to add next!

Q. Where are you located?

A. We are based out of Austin, Texas, USA! Check out the blog post about our new office!

Q. Are your prices in US dollars? How can I pay in another currency?

A. Yes, all of our prices are in $US. When you check out, the total will be converted into the appropriate currency by your credit card company or by PayPal at the current exchange rate.

Q. Do you ship internationally? How long will it take?

A. Yes! Shipping outside of the US is $15 flat rate and is sent via US Postal Service First Class International. Delivery times vary, and you will be sent a tracking number. For more details about shipping, please read our shipping policy page.

Q. Why have your prices changed?

A. We are committed to providing cute & trendy, not so spendy™ phone cases and accessories without sacrificing quality or customer service! Unfortunately, these can come at an increasing cost in line with rises in the price of supplies, packaging and general inflation.

As such, for the first time since we opened the business in 2019, we adjusted our prices on phone cases and other products as of April 4, 2022, to ensure we can continue to meet the quality and service expectations of our customers!

Q. What printer do you use? Where do you get your supplies?

A. We get a lot of inquiries from people who want to start making their own phone cases about what specific machines we use or where we order our supplies from. While we are super excited to support other small businesses and wish you the very best, we are unable to share these specific details. You can do a search on Google or YouTube for “sublimation phone case” and find many resources to help you get started!

Q. How did you get started with your own business?

A. I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and started selling handmade items to my friends in middle school. I sold bookmarks, Rainbow Loom bracelets, and choker necklaces just to name a few of my ideas! My first attempt at making phone cases was to print out pictures and put them inside of a clear case, and I sold a number of those before I found out about sublimation!

I saved up money from my birthday and Christmas to buy my first sublimation printer and heat press when I was 15, but I mostly just sold to my friends. In April 2019, I decided I wanted to really try and grow bigger so I started @abbyrosecases on Instagram. At first my customers were just my friends and their friends, but steadily the business expanded. I launched my website in October 2019 and it’s been growing ever since! Check out our About Us page for more business milestones!

I graduated from high school in 2020 and am currently majoring in Business at Texas Tech University. I have learned SO MUCH since starting this business and I appreciate everyone’s support!

Have a question we didn’t answer here? Send it to us via our contact form!

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