What you’re buying – October ’22 edition!

We get soooooo many questions on social media asking for advice on what case to pick (ok, we know there are a LOT of options!!) so we decided to start a regular blog feature reporting on the latest sales trends! Each month we will take a look at some of the current top sellers and dive into what is new and popping!

More Ferns

Our Sage Ferns case designed by Angela at Doubled by Design made its debut over a year ago as part of our popular Sage Case Collection, and has continued to be a top seller. In October, it was in the top five yet again! Inspired by this success, Angela released a new Lavender Ferns design in the last week of October, and it is already trending!

  • Lavender Ferns Safe Case
    Lavender Ferns Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Lavender Ferns Phone Case
    Lavender Ferns Phone Case
    USD $18.00$25.00
  • Sage Ferns Safe Case
    Sage Ferns Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Sage Ferns Phone Case
    Sage Ferns Phone Case
    USD $18.00$25.00

Pockets, Pockets!

Card pockets have been super popular all year long, and October was no exception! Matching Card Pockets were actually #2 on the list of top selling product for the month!

If you are subscribed to our text alerts, you may also have seen that we did a FREE POCKET coupon during one of our TikTok lives in October! You never know when will do another surprise like that!

  • Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    USD $9.00

BYO Collection

Ever since we launched our 5-case Case Collections, customers have asked to be able to customize their collection, and in October we finally made that happen! Our new Build Your Own Case Collection lets you pick the five designs you want, even custom designs, and save money!

Now you can curate your own collection and pick the cases that perfectly match YOUR style and personality! You’ll have a cute & trendy case for every mood! This has been so popular that the BYO collection is now the top selling case collection!

  • Build Your Own Case Collection
    Build Your Own Case Collection
    USD $75.00Free shipping!

Those topped the list for October 2022! We are so excited about being your go-to shop for cute & trendy, not so spendy cases and accessories! Stay tuned for more new designs and fun products coming soon!

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