What you’re buying – September ’22 edition!

We get soooooo many questions on social media asking for advice on what case to pick (ok, we know there are a LOT of options!!) so we decided to start a regular blog feature reporting on the latest sales trends! Each month we will take a look at some of the current top sellers and dive into what is new and popping!

Spooky Season!

We are proud to release new cute & trendy designs every week (and they are always on sale the first 24 hours!) and this includes seasonal designs before upcoming holidays! In September, we released four new Halloween designs and two were clear winners! YeeHaw Ghosties by Catherine Bodisch continued the popularity of Western themed designs that we’ve seen with Cowgirl Hats, (PSST we have a new Western spin on a top selling design planned for next month, too!) and Wicked by Mallory Barr McDougall was also a top seller!

  • YeeHaw Ghosties Safe Case
    YeeHaw Ghosties Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • YeeHaw Ghosties Phone Case
    YeeHaw Ghosties Phone Case
    USD $18.00
  • Wicked Safe Case
    Wicked Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Wicked Phone Case
    Wicked Phone Case
    USD $18.00

Custom Case Craze!

We have offered custom and personalized cases from the beginning, but they have been becoming more and more popular! You can either add on personalization to any of our case designs (think monogram, name, or favorite quote!) or you can upload your own image or collage for a case all your own! Here is a gallery of some of the personalized & custom options from September!

Customization isn’t just for phone cases, either! You can add your name or custom image to any of our products!

  • Custom Safe Case
    Custom Safe Case
    USD $33.00
  • Custom Phone Case
    Custom Phone Case
    USD $23.00

Wallpapers 4 U!

Did you know we offer FREE wallpapers with every case purchase? We started this program back in May, and the popularity has been steadily growing! You can request wallpapers for previous purchases, too!

To date, we have sent over 600 free wallpapers and the number goes up every day! We are so proud to be innovative and creative with offering value to our customers — let us know if you have any other ideas of how we can make your case purchase even more enjoyable!

Those topped the list for September 2022! We are so excited about being your go-to shop for cute & trendy, not so spendy cases and accessories! Stay tuned for more new designs and fun products coming soon!

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