What you’re buying – August ’22 edition!

We get soooooo many questions on social media asking for advice on what case to pick (ok, we know there are a LOT of options!!) so we decided to start a regular blog feature reporting on the latest sales trends! Each month we will take a look at some of the current top sellers and dive into what is new and popping!

Smiles Return!

We’ve featured smiles in a few of our monthly trends blogs this year — both March and June had top selling smiley face designs! This month we are adding a new face to the popular list!

Smile Warp by Mallory Barr was the new design released on the second week of August, and it quickly became a top seller! It’s not very often that a new release finishes at the top of the monthly sales, but this one was a sure hit! Featuring several unique color combos, Smile Warp finished the month in the top 5, right behind happy fave Smiles 4 Miles and just ahead of Be the Good and Spring Fling, all previously featured smile designs!

  • Smile Warp Safe Case
    Smile Warp Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Smile Warp Phone Case
    Smile Warp Phone Case
    USD $18.00

You guys are definitely still loving the smiles and there is something really encouraging about that!

New to the Zoo!

Animal designs have been a long time favorite with our customers (we even have an Animals case collection!), and this month is no exception! Two designs released earlier this summer have been gaining popularity, and are now in the top 10 list! Koi Fish by Mallory Barr and Snail Party by Lex Berube have joined with several of our long-time animal designs (Shark Tank, Blue Butterflies, and Big Dino,) as top-selling designs for August!

  • Snail Party Safe Case
    Snail Party Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Snail Party Phone Case
    Snail Party Phone Case
    USD $18.00
  • Koi Fish Safe Case
    Koi Fish Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Koi Fish Phone Case
    Koi Fish Phone Case
    USD $18.00

Land or sea, we have your animal favorites in stock!

It’s all Greek to Us!

We get a lot of requests for personalized designs as well as custom designs for groups. That was the motivation for launching our first Greek Life series of cases in conjunction with recruitment season this year! Not only does this series feature lot of cute designs, they can also be customized with your Greek letters (or ANY name!) at no extra charge! These designs by Doubled by Design were released at the end of August, and they are already becoming super trendy!

  • Greek Girl Phone Case
    Greek Girl Phone Case
    USD $20.00
  • Greek Cheetah Phone Case
    Greek Cheetah Phone Case
    USD $20.00
  • Greek Repeat Phone Case
    Greek Repeat Phone Case
    USD $20.00
  • Greek Rainbow Phone Case
    Greek Rainbow Phone Case
    USD $20.00
  • Greek Smiles Phone Case
    Greek Smiles Phone Case
    USD $20.00
  • Greek Abstract Phone Case
    Greek Abstract Phone Case
    USD $20.00

We also just released new Greek Phone Tags since our Custom Phone Tags were so popular! Now you can add your Greek letters to any phone case or key chain!

  • Greek Letters Phone Tag
    Greek Letters Phone Tag
    USD $6.00

Those topped the list for August 2022! We are so excited about being your go-to shop for cute & trendy, not so spendy cases and accessories! Stay tuned for more new designs and fun products coming soon!

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