What you’re buying – July ’22 edition!

We get soooooo many questions on social media asking for advice on what case to pick (ok, we know there are a LOT of options!!) so we decided to start a regular blog feature reporting on the latest sales trends! Each month we will take a look at some of the current top sellers and dive into what is new and popping!

Tradin’ on up!

We launched our Trade Up Program back in March 2021 because we wanted to find a creative way to add more value to our cases for our cusotmers! We know how common it is to upgrade your phone every few years, and then you’re left with a bunch of your favorite phone cases that don’t fit your new phone! Rather than throw those cases away, how about trading them up to your new phone size at a 50% discount? Less waste + more value sounds like a great idea to us!

Although this program has been around for over a year, we really saw an increase in Trade Up orders in July 2022! We think it’s probably due to Abby’s popular “sorting through our returns” series on TikTok that brought the Trade Up program to more customers’ attention! In July, Trade Ups were one of the top 10 products ordered for the month, with more than twice as many sold as a typical month!


this series is so fun🌈🌈uploading part 2 right now!!🫶🏼🫶🏼 #smallbusiness #ceo #shopsmall #customerservice

♬ Sunroof – Nicky Youre & dazy

We are so glad that you are taking advantage of this innovative program! Now you can buy phone cases to match every mood without worrying about them becoming obsolete with your next phone!

  • Case Trade Up
    Case Trade Up
    USD $9.00

Sweet Candyland

Swimsuit inspo from @kulanikinis on IG

As you may know, we release a new phone case design every Thursday (and it’s on sale for 24 hours!), so we are always seeing new trends in what is popular and trendy. It’s not very often, though, that a new design release becomes a top 5 seller in the same month it is released! The latest design to achieve this distinction is Candyland, hand drawn by our very own Aubrey Rosilier! The design was actually inspired by a bathing suit she saw — you never know what will inspire our designers! What do you think of this fun design?

  • Candyland Safe Case
    Candyland Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Candyland Phone Case
    Candyland Phone Case
    USD $18.00

Vegan leather for the win!

Another product that we have offered for a while (since November 2021!) but recently surged in popularity is our vegan leather Rose Pocket! In July, almost 1/3 of the cases we sold included an add on pocket, and over 50% of the card pockets sold were the vegan leather option! We really love the vegan leather pocket for it’s durability and the seamless blending of the design between the phone case and the pocket! You can read more about the differences between the two pockets on our blog, and the vegan leather pockets were front and center in our recent “3 minute challenge” TikTok!


sneak peakkk LMK if you have ideas for what we should name these designs💅🏼💞🧚🏼‍♀️💖💘 #ceo #smallbusiness #shopsmall #phinecasebusiness

♬ original sound – abbyrose

You can save $2 when you add on a matching Rose Pocket to any phone case design. Just click the checkbox that says “Matching Rose Pocket” and select which type of pocket material you’d like. Keep in mind that the vegan leather option is wider and will not fit on smaller/narrower phone types like the iPhone SE or the iPhone 13 mini!

Screenshot of how to add a matching card holder to your phone case

You can also order a Rose Pocket separately from a phone case by searching for “Matching Rose Pocket” on our site or using the link below. You can choose any design on our site for the pocket, or even select the option to customize your pocket with your own image or collage!

  • Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    USD $8.00$9.00

Those topped the list for July 2022! We are so excited about being your go-to shop for cute & trendy, not so spendy cases and accessories! Stay tuned for more new designs and fun products coming soon!

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