Examples of cases on colored phones

Cases that look good with a colored phone!

What design looks best for blue iPhones? Which case should I pick for my red phone? We get these questions ALL of the time! If you have a colored phone, you may be concerned about matching your case design to the color that will show through on the camera opening. We have so many design choices, you are sure to find just the perfect match, and we are here to help you make your choice!

Go for Matching Colors

One approach is to select a design that includes the same color as your phone. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to find an exact color match, and sometimes colors on the computer screen look different than in real life. Try to focus on colors in the same hue and with similar saturation that blend with your phone’s color rather than looking for a perfect match.

It is probably worthwhile to review what these terms mean, and this article from Color Wheel Artist includes some great basic definitions. Hue refers to the general color family, like red or blue, but it is a very broad term. There are many variations in colors when primary and secondary colors are mixed. Not all greens are the same, for example. Some greens have more yellow in them while others have more blue. Determining which hue is the dominant one can help you to find the best match.

A given hue can also be changed by adding more white, black or grey (referred to as tints, shades and tones) so saturation is also an important consideration when looking for a good match to your colored phone. This article from Hello Artsy does a great job explaining the concept of saturation.

Choose Complimentary Colors

Another approach is to pick a design that compliments your phone color rather than trying to match it. If you are not familiar with the concept of complimentary colors, you might want to review this article from Apartment Therapy. The article discusses using complimentary colors in home decorating, but the same ideas apply to dressing up your phone! Complimentary colors look good together and generally are pleasing to the human eye.

If you have a blue phone, for example, you could choose a case design that is predominantly yellow, since blue and yellow are complimentary colors. This approach helps avoid the difficulty in trying to exactly match the color of your phone.

Search our Designs by Color

Did you know that you can filter our phone case designs by color? Once you’ve decided if you’d like to try and match your phone case or go for a complimentary color in the design, you can use this filter feature to narrow down your search!

screen shot showing the filter icon on a phone case search

When viewing a list of phone case designs, either based on a search or a category from our menu, there will be a small “Filter” icon on the top left side of your screen.

screen shot showing how to filter by color in your product search

When you click on the icon, a new window will pop up allowing you to select colors you’d like to use to filter your results. You can select or unselect as many colors as you’d like!

screen shot showing how filtered colors may appear in the thumbnails rather than main image

Note that most of our designs have multiple color or style options so sometimes the filtered color isn’t shown on the main image. You will see thumbnail photos of alternate color versions shown below the main image, and you can see larger photos when you click on the design page.

Popular Choices for Colored Phones

For those who want more help with design selection, we’ve gathered some popular examples of cases to match colored phones below!

Red Phones

Lightning Bolts – Red
Cheetah – Red/Black
Eye Luv U – all versions
Yin & Yang – White/Red

Mint Green Phones

Looking Glass – Teal
Seeing Stars – Mint
Wall Paintings – all versions
Under the Sea

Rose Gold Phones

Autumn Swirl
Smilies – Peach
Seuss Inspired – Peach
Familiar Faces – Multicolor

Light Blue Phones

Twisted Zebra – Blues
Crazy Cows – Blue
Seuss Inspired – Blues
Razz – Blue

Dark Blue Phones

Thunder – Navy
Happy Hearts – Purple/Green/Blue
Super Star – Blues
Seuss Inspired – Greys

Light Pink Phones

Twisted Zebra – Pinks
Be the Good – Pink
Sunshine & Rainbows
Berries ‘n Cream – White

Purple Phones

Peace & Love
Moo – Purple
Water Marble – Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue
Funky Flowers – Purple

Yellow Phones

Sunkissed – White
Razz – Yellow
Indie Flowers
Cow Smilies – Yellow

Coral Phones

Funky Flowers – Peach
Rainbow Burst – Peach
Tapestry – Red/Orange
Happy Hearts – Pink/Orange/Yellow

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Share Your Style!

We would love to see you what case you picked to match your colored phone! Be sure to tag @abbyrosecases on social media so that we can like and repost!

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