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As you might already know, the abbyrose family includes @emilyrosilier on TikTok, Abby’s twin sister. Millions of people have followed the story of her recovery after she was hit by a car in November 2021, and as part of her latest update, she posted about spending her downtime drawing potential designs for abbyrose.

Emily’s aesthetic is quite different than most of the designs on our site, so Abby asked her to get 30k likes on the designs in order for us to post them. Boy, were we all shocked when she passed 300k likes in four hours! TikTok gave the designs the green light, and now they are posted! We would love to hear your feedback!

  • Cosmic Phone Case
    Cosmic Phone Case
  • Sublime Phone Case
    Sublime Phone Case
  • Fruit Punch Phone Case
    Fruit Punch Phone Case
  • Turmoil Phone Case
    Turmoil Phone Case

Update! After the surge in popularity of the Fruit Punch design, Emily posted some new design options with a poll on TikTok — the result was two new additions to her collection!

  • Lemonade Phone Case
    Lemonade Phone Case
  • Kool-Aid Phone Case
    Kool-Aid Phone Case

Emily is a sophomore at Texas Tech University, majoring in apparel design & manufacturing. She is also a former competitive gymnast and cross country athlete. She has one other design posted on abbyrose; her Atypical design was posted in 2020.

  • Atypical Phone Case
    Atypical Phone Case

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