What you’re buying – Feb ’22 edition!

We get soooooo many questions on social media asking for advice on what case to pick (ok, we know there are a LOT of options!!) so we decided to start a new regular blog feature reporting on the latest sales trends! Each month we will take a look at some of the current top sellers and dive into what is new and popping!

More Funky Flowers!

You all LOVE the Funky Flowers design and it topped the sales list as #1 again this month! One reason was definitely the four new pastel shades we added to the already numerous color options! Designer Taylor Kozelsky is tickled pink about the success of this design and is working on something really fun for her next release — stay tuned! Hint: it’s all positive energy!

  • Funky Flowers Safe Case
    Funky Flowers Safe Case
    USD $28.00
  • Funky Flowers Phone Case
    Funky Flowers Phone Case
    USD $18.00

Tag, You’re it!

Sometimes we get a sudden inspiration for a new design or product, and that was definitely what happened with this top seller from February! Aubrey has been hand making most of our phone charms recently, and she had the idea to make cute, personalized phone tgs as an alternative. We posted them on the website and WOW y’all loved them! Whether it’s to match your phone case design or create a personal message, we love seeing the design requests that come in!

  • Custom Phone Tag
    Custom Phone Tag
    USD $6.00

Pockets and More Pockets!

Ever since we added the Vegan Leather option to our card pocket add ons, we can barely keep them in stock! Like you, we love that the design is more seamlessly blended with the case — and they hold more cards, too! You can stash your ID, a card and even some cash! Who needs a wallet any more?? Whether it’s the new vegan leather or the silicone/microfiber O.G., Rose Pockets were the #1 add on accessory for February, and for good reason!

  • Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    USD $8.00$9.00

Those topped the list for February 2022! We are so excited about being your go-to shop for cute & trendy, not so spendy cases and accessories! Stay tuned for more new designs and fun products coming soon!

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