See the trendy way to carry cards on your phone case!

These days it’s pretty common to have your phone on you at all times, and that makes it very convenient to stash a few essentials in your phone case such as cash, cards or IDs! It’s not a great idea to put things between your phone and the case, however, because the extra bulk can cause damage to the case or the phone.

One option is a wallet design that incorporates a phone case along with traditional pockets to store cards and money. This is functional, but what if you want to show off the cute design on your case instead? Wallets can also be a bit clunky if you prefer a more minimalist approach!

Another option is a stick-on pocket that adheres to the back of your phone case and allows you to insert cards, cash and ID. This is definitely sleek way to carry your cards, but often the pockets are just plain solid colors that don’t coordinate with your case design. If you’re someone who likes to have fun prints on your phone case to match with your mood or your outfit, this can be a drawback!

Picture of pros and cons for different card pocket options

Our Rose Pockets are a great solution — self-adhesive pockets you can attach your case to hold a credit card, ID, or even some cash! We have two material options available, and both can be customized with any of our designs or even a custom photo or collage! Now you can carry your stuff but still show off your trendy phone case!

  • Includes a strong adhesive strip, which fastens the card holder firmly in place
  • Once attached the phone case, the pocket can be removed cleanly but not reattached

Card Holder Options

We have two pocket materials available:

  • Silicone / microfiber
    • Design is printed on a microfiber panel that can be removed and used as a screen cleaner
    • Black silicone pocket is visible around pocket design
    • Microfiber panel can show dirt over time
    • Holds 1-2 standard credit cards
  • Vegan leather
    • Design is printed on the full pocket
    • No visible border around pocket
    • Note that the width is too large for smaller/skinner phone sizes*
    • Pocket is resistant to dirt
    • Holds 2-3 standard credit cards

Keep in mind that both types of pockets are made from a different material than the case itself, so there can be some color variation between the design printed on the case and on the pocket.

* The following phones are too narrow to accommodate the vegan leather pocket: iPhone SE (both versions), iPhone 5, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini, Samsung Galaxy s9, Google Pixel 4a as well as a few others. If you have questions about your particular phone type please contact us!

See Our Card Holders in Action

Card Pocket Gallery

Want to see the pockets on actual cases? Here you go!

Shop Card Holders

It’s easy to add on a matching Rose Pocket for any design on our website. You are able to add on a pocket at a discounted price using the checkbox under “Matching Accessories” when adding a phone case to your shopping cart. You can save money when ordering this way, no coupon code required!

After checking the box, you will then see an option to select which type of pocket material you’d like, but keep in mind that the vegan leather pockets are wider and don’t fit on narrower phone sizes!

Screenshot of how to add a matching card holder to your phone case

You can also order a Rose Pocket separately from a phone case by searching for “Matching Rose Pocket” on our site or using the link below. You can choose any design on our site for the pocket, or even select the option to customize your pocket with your own image or collage!

  • Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    Matching Rose Pocket Card Holder
    USD $8.00$9.00
screenshot showing how to select design for card holder
Screen shot showing how to indicate design option for card holder

Be sure to indicate the color or style option for designs marked with (*) to indicate that multiple options are available! If you don’t see your desired design listed on the pull down menu, select “Other” from the list and then type the design name in the text box instead.

screenshot showing how to customize your card holder

If you want to order a customized pocket, select “Custom” from the list and then check the box for Custom design. You can either upload your image or email it to We are also happy to personalize any design by adding monograms, names or other text! Just check the Custom design box and type your personalization request in the text box.

Share Your Style!

We would love to see you with your case and matching Rose Pocket! Be sure to tag @abbyrosecases on social media so that we can like and repost!

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