Attaching a Card Pocket to your Phone Case!

These days it’s pretty common to have your phone on you at all times, and that makes it very convenient to stash a few essentials in your phone case! It’s not a great idea to put things between your phone and the case, however, because the extra bulk can cause damage to the case or the phone.

Our Rose Pockets are a great solution — self-adhesive pockets you can attach your case to hold a credit card, ID, or even some cash! We have two material options available, and both can be customized with any of our designs or even a custom photo or collage!

  • Includes a strong adhesive strip, which fastens the card holder firmly in place
  • Once attached the phone case, the pocket can be removed cleanly but not reattached

We have two pocket materials available:

  • Silicone / microfiber
    • Design is printed on a microfiber panel that can be removed and used as a screen cleaner
    • Black silicone pocket is visible around pocket design
    • Holds 1-2 standard credit cards
  • Vegan leather
    • Design is printed on the full pocket
    • No visible border around pocket
    • Note that the width is too large for smaller/skinner phone sizes
    • Holds 2-3 standard credit cards

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