We give away FREE phone cases!

Every abbyrose case is printed and assembled to order, which means we never sell out of a design or phone size. We also personally inspect every case before it is packaged for shipping, making sure it’s a case we are proud to put our name on.

What do we do with cases that don’t meet our exacting quality standards? While most of them are still useable, we aren’t comfortable trying to sell them, even at a discount, but we also don’t want to create more waste and clog up our landfills. That’s how we came up with our FREE “mess ups” idea! Sustainable and eco-friendly — good for you, and good for the environment!

Free Cases onTikTok Live!

A few times most weeks, Abby or Aubrey goes live on Tik Tok or Instagram (@abbyrosecases) to chat with customers and answer questions about our business. We incorporate the mess up cases during the lives in this way:

  • Place an order on our website (for ANYTHING, no minimum amount) while we are live on social media
  • In the live, comment your order number and your phone size
  • We will show you the mess up cases we have in your size
  • Tell us which one you want, and we will add it into your order for FREE!
  • We occasionally do extra incentives like giving away additional mess up cases with apparel orders or giving away mess up accessories, too!

Our Quality Standards

What is wrong with these mess up cases? Often, our customers can’t even spot the defect! Sometimes there are no defects at all, but just designs we have not released or have retired. Typical types of mess ups are:

  • Dots or smudges within the design print
  • Misaligned prints
  • Warped edges
  • Design template lifting in the corners
  • Unreleased or retired designs

Reply to @raconteur333 pt. 2 of showing y’all our mess up cases🤗🤗 #phonecase #smallbusiness #workfromhome #foryou #Destinationdepop #fyp

♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

While we don’t want to sell these cases under our brand, we know they do have some life left in them, and we are happy to share them with our customers!

Please note that since these cases are added to your order for FREE (you don’t even pay extra shipping!) we cannot accept returns or exchanges on them, and they cannot be used for our Case Trade Up.

Get Notified!

How do you know when we go live? Be sure to sign up for our text updates and you’ll be the first to find out! Just text ‘subscribe’ to (210) 579-9860

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