New 2-layer protective phone cases!

Our Safe Cases are the perfect solution for those wanting extra protection against drops and damage! These protective phone cases have the same trendy style as our standard cases, but with twice the protection!

Protective phone cases in trendy designs

Our new two-layer Safe Cases provide extra shock absorption and protection from drops and impact. The inner layer is black TPU rubber and the outer later is high-grade hard plastic in either white or black.

As with our standard cases, the design is sublimated onto an aluminum plate on the back of the case. All buttons are enclosed and there is a small raised lip on the front of the case to protect the screen.

Safe Cases are initially available for most Apple iPhones and select Samsung Galaxy models. We will be expanding to include other phone types based on customer demand. If we don’t currently have your model and you’d like a Safe Case, please send us an email!

How to put the Safe Case on your phone

It’s important that you put the Safe Case on in two parts — the inner rubber liner first followed by the outer hard plastic shell. This will ensure the proper fit and button alignment. Putting both layers on at the same time requires more distortion of the case can result in breakage of the outer shell.

  • Separate the two layers of the Safe Case
  • Put the rubber liner on your phone and adjust it to ensure proper alignment of the buttons
  • Carefully snap the outer shell over the rubber liner, being sure to align the buttons with the shell openings

The video below demonstrates how to put the case on your phone and shows a close up view of the two layers.

Newest Safe Case Designs

  • Candyland Safe Case
    Candyland Safe Case
  • Koi Fish Safe Case
    Koi Fish Safe Case
  • Racetrack Safe Case
    Racetrack Safe Case
  • Spring Fling Safe Case
    Spring Fling Safe Case
  • Frisbee Safe Case
    Frisbee Safe Case
  • Blue Silk Safe Case
    Blue Silk Safe Case
  • Stained Glass Safe Case
    Stained Glass Safe Case
  • Yin & Yang Safe Case
    Yin & Yang Safe Case

Share your style!

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