We have over 120 popular phone sizes in stock!

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of phone sizes including iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung, and other Android phones for all of our designs! We get requests to add new models all of the time, and we are regularly adding more.

Same design, different phone sizes

Our phone cases are made to order, so you can choose ANY of our designs for ANY of the phone types we carry! There’s no need to worry about our being sold out of a particular size in a particular design!

The photo gallery below shows our popular Blue Butterflies design on several different phone types:

Current phone size list

Here’s the complete list of phone types we currently have in stock for standard cases, and most are available in both black and white borders. The sizes marked with an (*) are also available as safe cases and those marked with (+) are available as clear cases. Sizes marked with (&) are available in a wireless charging compatible case as well. Highlighted sizes are being discontinued and have limited inventory.

Curious about our different types of case? Check out our side-by-side comparison in the blog!

Google Pixel
 Google Pixel XL
 Google Pixel 2
 Google Pixel 2 XL
 Google Pixel 3
 Google Pixel 3 XL
 Xiaomi 8
 Google Pixel 3A
 Google Pixel 3A XL
 Google Pixel 4
 Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 4A
 Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 6 (black only)
Google Pixel 6 Pro (black only)
Google Pixel 6A (black only)
Google Pixel 7 (black only)
Google Pixel 7 Pro (black only)
Google Pixel 7a (black only)
Google Pixel 8 (black only)
Google Pixel 8 Pro (black only)
 Galaxy A01
Galaxy A02s
Galaxy A03
Galaxy A03s
Galaxy A5 (2017)
 Galaxy A10
 Galaxy A10e
 Galaxy A11
 Galaxy A12
Galaxy A13 4G
Galaxy A13 5G
 Galaxy A20
 Galaxy A20E
 Galaxy A21
 Galaxy A21s
Galaxy A22 4G
Galaxy A22 5G
Galaxy A23
 Galaxy A30
 Galaxy A31
Galaxy A32 4G
 Galaxy A32 5G
Galaxy A33 5G
 Galaxy A40
 Galaxy A41
 Galaxy A42 5G
 Galaxy A50
 Galaxy A51 4g
 Galaxy A51 5g
 Galaxy A52 5G
Galaxy A52s
Galaxy A53 5G
 Galaxy A70
 Galaxy A71 4g
 Galaxy A71 5g
Galaxy A72
Galaxy A73 5G
 Galaxy J7 (2018)
 Galaxy Note 5
 Galaxy Note 8 (*)
 Galaxy Note 9 (*)
 Galaxy Note 10 (*)
 Galaxy Note 10+ (*)
 Galaxy Note 20
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
 Galaxy s3
 Galaxy s4
 Galaxy s5
 Galaxy s6
 Galaxy s6 Edge
 Galaxy s7
 Galaxy s7 Edge (*)
 Galaxy s8 (*)
 Galaxy s8 Plus (*)
 Galaxy s9 (*)
 Galaxy s9 Plus (*)
 Galaxy s10 (*)
 Galaxy s10e
 Galaxy s10 Plus (*)
 Galaxy s20 (*)
 Galaxy s20 Ultra (*)
 Galaxy s20 Plus (*)
 Galaxy s20 FE
 Galaxy s21
 Galaxy s21 Plus
 Galaxy s21 Ultra
Galaxy s22
Galaxy s22 Plus
Galaxy s22 Ultra
 iPhone 5/5s
 iPhone 5c
 iPhone 6/6s (*)(+)
 iPhone 6+/6s+ (*)(+)
 iPhone 7 (*)(+)
 iPhone 7+ (*)(+)
 iPhone 8 (*)(+)
 iPhone 8+ (*)(+)
 iPhone X/XS (*)(+)
 iPhone XR (*)(+)
 iPhone XS MAX (*)(+)
 iPhone 11 (*)(+)
 iPhone 11 Pro (*)(+)
 iPhone 11 Pro MAX (*)(+)
 iPhone 12 (*)(+)(&)
 iPhone 12 Pro Max (*)(+)(&)
 iPhone 12 Mini (*)(+)(&)
 iPhone 12 Pro (*)(+)(&)
 iPhone 13 Pro Max (*)(+)(&)
 iPhone 13 Mini (+)(&)
 iPhone 13 (*)(+)(&)
 iPhone 13 Pro (*)(+)(&)
iPhone 14 (*)(+)(&)
iPhone 14 Plus (*)(+)(&)
iPhone 14 Pro (*)(+)(&)
iPhone 14 Pro Max (*)(+)(&)
 iPhone SE 1st gen (2016)
 iPhone SE 2nd gen (2020) (*)(+)
 iPod Touch 5th gen
 iPod Touch 6th gen
 iPod Touch 7th gen
 LG G8X ThinQ
 Moto G7 Power (black only)
Moto G8 Power (black only)
Moto G Power (2022) (black only)
Moto G Stylus 5G (black only)
 Huawei P30 Pro
 Huawei P30 Lite
 Redmi Note 8
Redmi Note 9 4G
Redmi Note 9 5G
 Xiaomi 8

If you have a request for a model you don’t see here — be sure to vote in our poll What phone type should we add next?

Which phone size is right?

We have a lot of customers who aren’t sure exactly which phone type they have or who are wondering about the specific dimensions for different cases. Here are some handy links to help!

How to order for your phone type

You can order ANY of our designs in ANY phone size! Just select your phone type from the pull down menu when adding to your shopping cart! If you don’t see your size as an option but it’s on the above list, feel free to contact us and double check!

Wrong size? No problem!

Did you THINK you ordered the right size but actually chose the wrong type? No worries, we got you! We are proud to offer a 14-day return/exchange policy for any reason. If you accidentally order the wrong size from us, we are happy to swap it out for you ! Please send us an email to support@shopabbyrose.com if you have any problem or issue with your order so that we can help you solve it!

Share your style!

We would love to see your abbyrose case on whatever phone type you have! Be sure to tag @abbyrosecases on social media so that we can like and repost!

50 thoughts on “We have over 120 popular phone sizes in stock!”

  1. Hey i really love your cases my friends have them but I have an Lg and it would be so amazing if you could make some for Lg.

  2. it would be great if the pixel 4 cases had the opening for the fingerprint reader like the pixel 1-3 have. I have a pixel 4a and would buy a case if they had that! the cases are all so cute !

  3. Mackenzie coombe

    Hey it would be awesome if you had the Samsun A11’s I have that kinda phone but can’t find phone cases for it anywhere :(((

  4. Hello! I live your cases, and I was wondering if you make them for a Motorola Z4. I checked the list, but my didn’t quite catch any Motorola’s. 🙂

  5. Would you be getting the HUAWEI P20 PRO CASES in at all? Or is that not a product you sell? I’m obsessed with the products, but unfortunately can’t purchase any. I would purchase more than a handful at one time 😩

    1. Hi Jessica! We have Huawei P30 Pro but not the P20, I’m sorry! It’s not currently available from our supplier but we are always on the lookout if things change!


  6. Hi! I have a moto g fast and I would love to get a case for it from you guys. Any way you might be able to get that type? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kortney!

      We recently added the Pixel 6 and that option should be listed on all of our designs for standard cases! Note that currently we only have them in black borders 🙂

  7. hello! i will be getting a samsung galaxy s22+ so i was wondering if you could add a picture of what the case would look like? some brands have two separate holes for the cameras and for the flash while others have one big one so i was just wondering which one it is. thank you! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment! We do have the s22+ case in stock but don’t have professional pictures of it for the website yet. However if you send an email to support@shopabbyrose.com we can take a quick photo and send it to you!

  8. Hey! I only have a moto g stylus 2020 version and I love your cases but I don’t see it on the list of sizes. Could you possibly add it?

    1. We actually just added the Moto G Stylus case! It should be listed for all standard case designs 🙂

  9. Hey Abby Rose,

    I am interested in, getting the So Retro phone case but my phone size is not listed. I have a Moto G Power 2021. All you cases and products are amazing. I am really into the 80’s era and that case gives me those vibes. Thank you for your time! I appreciate it! 😀🤍

    1. Hi Layla!

      Our manufacturer doesn’t make one called Moto G Power 2021 — could it be that your phone is the same as Moto G9 Power?

      1. I went into my settings and looked and the model of my phone is called moto g power 2021. The link I have mentioned in a previous comment is an image if my phone. Do you have cases available in this model of phone? Thank you for your patience I appreciate it.

        1. Thanks for checking!! Unfortunately our current manufacturer does not make that size 🙁 We will keep looking, though!

  10. Hi I have a galaxy note 20 ultra and I was wondering if you’re going to be getting safe cases in that size? Thanks 😁

  11. Hey! I see you do have a couple cases for Motorola phones! I would really love if you could make cases for a Motorola Moto 1 5g phones. I love you case designs and would love if you did this!

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