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  1. Rosemarie D'Angelo

    how do i return something and how long does it take to get the cases. I ordered a christmas one and want to use it before christmas.

  2. Rosemarie D'Angelo

    December 16, my christmas case still hasn’t arrived .
    What is your return policy if it gets here.
    my granddaughter has a January birthday and I could return the christmas one and let her pick out another one or two.

  3. I have a question it really made me upset when you you didnt have any cases for galaxy AP10 so I would like you to make the cases also for galaxy A10 pleaee I know I halanave an android it sucks cause I get builled and I would like to have a cute case for my phone so please make one for galaxy A10000 please!!!

    1. Typically we make the cases and ship them within 3-5 days. Delivery time from the USPS varies depending on where you live but we send them as first class packages. Thanks!

    1. Most of the designs are drawn by my sister, but I also work with several designers who send me artwork as well 🙂

    1. Not really — most designs you can find on the internet belong to someone else and are subject to copyright laws and can’t be used for commercial purposes. The only exception is if you purchase rights to an image, like through a stock photo service.

      All of the designs we use are drawn or created by us or one of the designers we collaborate with 🙂

  4. Where do you get the cases to make custom cases, like where do you buy the cases you print on?

  5. hi i’m 12 and am starting a phone case business like you and was wondering how to make them so i know that you print out patters on regular paper right then you tape that metal thing ( what is the metal part called and where can i order it) to the patter and put it in your machine ( where did you get the machine and what is it called) and get your phone case ( what brand is it and where do i order them ) then you put them on the phone case. thank you!

    1. Hi Lyza!

      You can find a lot of videos about how to do sublimation on YouTube that will help you learn the process. Best wishes!

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