How protective are our cases? Here’s a drop test video!

We get asked SOOO often about how protective our cases are! While no case will prevent 100% of accidents, our cases provide great protection at an affordable price!

Case protection

Three types of cases

Our standard cases are durable and protect against the majority of drops and bumps. The sides are TPU rubber and the back is either metal, plastic, wood or glass, depending on the specific model. Both the screen and the camera opening have a small raised lip (about 1-2 mm in height) so that when you place your phone facing down flat on a surface, the screen or lens is not in contact with the surface. This design prevents the majority of drop damage — see the drop test video below for some examples — however we do not guarantee that the case will prevent 100% of damage to your phone!

In 2021 we launched a new line of Safe Cases which are the same cute designs, but with two-layer protection for more shock absorption. We have a blog article with more info about our Safe Cases and also a side-by-side comparison of all of our case types!

If you want more screen protection, our cases provide enough space for you to add a tempered glass screen protector and still fit your cute case!

Charm it up!

Do you have a case of the dropsies? A cute & trendy way to add extra safety is to add a phone charm to your case. By slipping your wrist through the charm while holding your phone, you have a bit of extra protection if you accidentally let go! Check out our blog to read about our phone charms and how to attach them to your phone case!

Drop test

Even though I focus mainly on creating cute designs and having affordable prices, I fully understand that protectiveness in a case is a MUST for many of you guys. I cannot stress enough how much I drop my phone wearing an abbyrose case, and it has yet to crack!

I don’t necessarily have to use my own case — I could pick any phone case in the world to buy and wear — but I choose to wear my product 24/7 because it has saved my phone thousands of times. literally thousands!

I don’t know how else to prove it other than a drop test! So here’s me dropping my phone numerous times, without a worry! It feels amazing to be so confident in my product, and hopefully this video will help solve your worries about our case not protecting your phone☺️

(Song creds: “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley)

8 thoughts on “How protective are our cases? Here’s a drop test video!”

  1. hey! i know it’s a lot of work but i was wondering if you could make a “big dino” case to match a blue xr phone because the one right now isn’t the exact color i was looking for thanks!

    1. You can indicate color changes to our designs in the comments when you check out and we will try to accommodate your request!

  2. My daughter loves the case we ordered, but she was wondering how long would it take to get here? We ordered yesterday (Friday March 27) late last night. But we don’t know how long it will take to get here. And I also have not received and e-mail to confirm my order.

    1. Hi – Sometimes the emails get flagged as spam so you might want to check your spam folder. Also, if you created an account on the website when you ordered, you can check your status that way. Typically we make the cases and ship them within 3-5 days. Delivery time from the USPS varies depending on where you live but we send them as first class packages. Thanks!

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